The International Congress of the Choir World

What is

From the 12th to the 15th of September 2019, the German and international choir world will meet in Hannover, Germany. includes a choir festival, a trade fair and seminars/workshops for choir directors. Every two years it offers a platform for exchange between all types of professionals and amateurs in the choral world. is a gathering place for choir directors, singers, church musicians, music teachers, lecturers, professors and composers. Moreover, it is a location for publishers, artist agencies, concert organizers, music journalists or choir trip agencies or touring agencies to present their services and products. Conductors of all genres and levels can participate in advanced training courses, vocal ensembles can seek new members and audiences, gather experience and make new contacts, and music publishers have an opportunity to present their latest editions and get to meet and discuss with composers.

At the very first in 2011 in Dortmund, over 50 publishing houses, companies and choral associations hosted stands at the trade fair venue, over 1,000 professionals and experts took part in workshops, and thousands of visitors attended the many concerts throughout the city. In 2013, both the workshop programme and the trade fair were extended to a total of four days, around 80 publishing houses and companies took part at the trade fair and more than 1,500 expert participants came to Dortmund. In 2015 and 2017 the numbers of participants rose once again. In September 2019, will be held in Hannover for the first time.


The workshops

Over 150 workshops, masterclasses, coaching sessions and reading sessions is a festival and meeting place for choir directors, music teachers, church and sacred choral musicians, choir managers, singers of all ages and others with an interest in choral and vocal music. Over the course of four days, there are over 150 workshops, masterclasses, coaching sessions and reading sessions covering all musical genres and ensemble formats as well as all musical levels. The subjects included this year range from early music to beatbox, from singing in secondary schools to music and dementia, and from Gregorian chant to contemporary compositions. The musical aspects of are supplemented by organizational and administrative themes such as choir management, media rights and copyright in general.

Among the over 100 seminar speakers and guest tutors are several of Germany's leading choir directors, composers, and coaches. The participants will be working with some of the finest national and international vocal ensembles in their workshops.

The workshops generally last for 90 minutes and take place in parallel sessions, so that visitors can put together an individualized, diverse programme for each day of The breaks are synchronized between the different sessions, so that participants can meet, discuss and exchange ideas with other visitors and also take a tour of the trade fair. The more popular workshops in great demand will be repeated several times over the four day event so that participants are distributed evenly over several sessions and at different times.

The allows participants to take part in all workshops (full ticket) or in workshops on specific days (two days ticket). It is possible to reserve your place in the workshops using our online booking system, which means that every expert participant has the option to arrive at with a guaranteed workshop programme. However, there will be spare places in all courses for visitors who have not reserved seats.

Alongside the range of workshops, participants can also devote themselves to one of three themes in the masterclasses offered during the entire There is a special application procedure for the masterclasses, applications are available here on this website
. Apart from this special application procedure, it is vital that you send your application to if you intend to take part in the masterclasses. There are no additional costs to the Individual units of the masterclasses are open to all other expert participants as casual observers.

A finalized programme for the workshops and masterclasses, as well as the biographies of the seminar speakers and tutors, will be available soon on this website.


The concerts

Just like the first four events, 2019 offers its participants and visitors an exciting choral music festival with several first class concerts. These performances will feature material developed in the workshops and in addition, the concerts will provide visitors with a cross section of current trends in the German and international vocal music world. So what is all about? It's about learning from the very best in all areas of vocal music, which is why the finest ensembles are featured in this year's concerts. All concerts are included in the Further concert information will be available soon on this website.


The trade fair

From sheet music to technology and advanced music education and training

From the 12th to the 15th of September 2019, the Hannover Congress Centrum (HCC) hosts the trade fair. It will feature sheet music and music publishers, recording labels, producers of music notation software, choir kit and clothes, technical equipment, artist agencies, festival and concert organizers, culture and media partners, high schools and music academies, music associations and promoters of choir tours. These organizations and companies will be able to present their services and products to their target audience of professionals and to all visitors with an interest in choral and vocal music in general.

Visitors have the opportunity to gain an overview of early music and modern choral literature, prestigious and innovative concert recordings, further education and training, technical equipment of all kinds, as well as management guidance and leisure opportunities for choirs. Moreover, the trade fair presents an excellent opportunity to establish contacts with publishers, producers, composers, arrangers, professors, lecturers, choir directors, choir managers, and other professionals in the field.

Entry to the trade fair is free. Since the workshops take place in two parallel sessions each morning and afternoon, all expert participants will have plenty of time to visit the stands at trade fair.

Click here to find further information and trade fair registration forms for exhibitors. and registration

  • Full ticket 12.-15.09.2019 (€295, concessions €160)
  • 2-Days ticket Thur. and Fri., 12.-13.09.2019 (€150, concessions €80)
  • 2-Days ticket Sat. and Sun., 14.-15 09.2019 (€150, concessions €80)


Tickets for specific days are valid for all workshops and concerts on that date (subject to availablity of seats). Click here for online registration/ticket sales.